Texas Indian Myths and Legends

by Jane Archer

NEW, JUST PUBLISHED!! This is a really good book. It has dozens of myths and legends from the Caddo, Comanche, Wichita, Lipan Apache and Alabama-Coushatta. Archer, who is an acclaimed author, has rewritten each myth for a modern audience. Compared to other versions of these myths written down by anthropologists and amature authors, this version reads nicely.

Other books of Indian myths often suffer from a poor choice of myths. You need to be an anthropologist or an expert on the tribe to understand half of them. This makes for boring reading. Archer has chosen myths that make sense to a general audience. Some of them are funny, others teach morals and lessons, all of them are interesting.

Each tribe has a nice short history and ethnology too. All written in a nice easy to read style. A good book for kids and adults.

231 pages, paperback

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